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Viera Kleinová

CrosswiringThe potential for wire fibers in art began to grow in the 20th century along with the acceptation of new, unconventional, before-just-scrap materials. In Slovakia, the wire is confronted as specific Slovak phenomena with a strong support in tradition wire working. At the level of craft, a relatively large group of artists use it in a decorative and utilizable fashion.
Wire has a special position for three Slovak artists, who met each other at the beginning of the year at Design Studio ÚĽUV during a shared exhibition, "Wired Whims". Blanka Šperková, Silvia Fedorová and Iveta Miháliková also share similarities in their creation of jewelry and also in their pursuits of textiles. In their own agendas, each experiments with traditional crafting techniques spreading into other various realms of artistic domains with the assistance of other materials- from the natural to the synthetic. Other than the before mentioned jewelry, the exhibition also presented garment accessories, objects, and plastics.



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