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Celebration of Jewelry Design

Jana Machatová

Celebration of Jewelry DesignOne of the most important world events in the realm of contemporary jewelry by Schmuck Mnichov was also this year a highlight (not only) for jewelry fanatics. During this event important occurrences included the awarding of the Herbert Hoffman Prize and an exhibition of the works from 66 artists coming from 25 countries, this time lead by the Norwegian art theorist Jorunn Veiteberg.
The collection of jewelry designs was reopened in Pinakothek der Moderne. The prizes for the Mineral art competition were awarded in the premises of Antiksammlungen, new publications were presented, discussions took place, and exhibitions were opened. Much of the program was presented to the public in an interesting, "non classical" form. One of the exhibitors was also Karen Pontoppidan- a renowned artist from Denmark with rich exhibition activity, whose works are represented in several public collections. In her exhibit, "Canvax, Contex, Cash", were presented different groups of work, all of them however dealing with the same theme: questioning of social values given to utilizable art.



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