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You have to be open and work honestly

Ľubica Hustá

You have to be open and work honestlyFlorian Hauswirth is a young Swiss who studied industrial design. His work is very concentrated, originating from local traditions. Hauswirth is characterized by high craftsmanship which facilitates his thinking about the logic behind objects. He has a classic, free form hand which likewise masters current digital technologies. The designer focuses primarily on wood but also works with textiles, paper, and the like. He is the author of several blueprints for chairs, small table accessories, lamps (unconventionally made of just paper), and carpets where he playfully entertains the theme of branding. His blueprints and sketches demonstrate his ability to think through to the last detail so that the final product in no way impedes functionality and user comfort while embodying certain lightness and poetry. He achieves this unique style by color and detail composition. After finishing his studies, Hauswirth started out as a model designer/planner and development expert and worked as such for several years for the company Vitra. At one point, he served a year as an assistant at the famous London design Studio of Barber Osgerby, he is a successful co-founder of the design-group Postfossil (2007). Ultimately Florian Hauswirth opted for independent, freelance work which he is currently doing. In addition to this, he teaches and conducts workshops at several schools of design in Switzerland.



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