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Viennas (long) night of jewelry

Jana Machatová

Viennas (long) night of jewelryIn early November, Vienna hosted its sixth installment of a project titled Night of Artistic Jewelry.
The initiator of this project is Veronika Schwarzinger, organizer of the V&V Gallery which focuses on contemporary, artistic jewelry. During the event, galleries, museums, jewelry and fashion stores as well as artists' studios, schools, and cultural institutions were all opened to fans of jewelry. Everywhere one went, there was a possibility to not only browse jewelry for purchase but to meet and communicate with the jewelers and to experience not only sales but also workshops, debates, concerts, and the "baptism" of books.
Gallery V&V presented the exhibitory project "Jewels - Music - Instruments". The addressed artists were given the task to create jewelry that can serve as a musical instrument. Invited musicians played live every hour a small concert in the gallery.



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