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The Leaky Bottom of Woodworking

Andrej Irša

The Leaky Bottom of WoodworkingThe first step in working with wood is the preparation and principle carving. Various types of saws are utilized in practice, for larger pieces an engine or an electric chain saw is used. The chainsaw is a tool that has begun to play a significant role in the realm of woodworking crafts, replacing many traditional instruments. Currently is it being used by sculptors, designers, and carvers as it is the best tool for the initial stages of rough shaping wood projects. Although traditional woodworking methods don't recognize the chainsaw, it is currently being used by many of our artists and craftsmen. In Slovakia, there are many areas where you can find various forms of "motor" carving. There are many ongoing projects, various events, and symposiums dedicated to the use of the chainsaw for carving. However, there remains some aversion to its use with the more advanced stages of woodworking, where details become key. The issues of chainsaw use have problem to find their own way also into vocational education. The current woodworking education is moving towards a historical and unprecedented direction and is similar to growth of other areas of specialization: joinery, project restoration, and the creation of toys and utilities.



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