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Master Blacksmith of Košice

Erika Švedová

Master Blacksmith of KošiceCyril Horák was introduced to the blacksmith trade indirectly during his childhood. He began as a farrier, influenced by his competitive horse riding. Eventually Horák came to work as a blacksmith for the state enterprise STAVBA where he practiced side by side with artistic blacksmiths, from whom he acquired his skills. After 1989 Horák decided to become independently employed. He has since worked 15 years at the blacksmith workshop in Košice. He considers the greatest achievement of his career to be the fact that he is doing what he loves and finds satisfaction and security in his employment. He likes the rhythm of the hammer on the anvil and jobs requiring intricate detail during which he can thoroughly enjoy himself. The range of his products is wide and is still in demand. His work stands out both in process and artistic qualities. Cyril Horák is a blacksmith who knows how to adapt his work to the needs of the market and of the customer. In 2013, he was awarded the titles of Master of Traditional Folk Production.



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