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Katarína Trnovská

HRAVOProject HRAVO partly stems from the tradition of former Czechoslovakia, where small scaled production of toys was suggested by industrial designers, architects, and volitional artists. For the pilot collection of the project HRAVO, the task was to develop and implement prototypes of unique toy design that encourage children to for their individual curiosity and creativity. All three resulting toys work with the child's imagination and offer a wide range of elements/combinations which determine the final shape of the object. The toy „BábkoHra“ (Puppetry) is based on themes of the "Kyjatice toys", which were produced over 150 years ago in the regions of Gemer and Malohont. The toy „Hviezda času“ (Star of time) is a simple toy kit created with mathematically geometric and time contexts. The basic dial is in the form of a star – its light color symbolizes day and dark color symbolizes night. The colors are divided to correspond with numbers where 1-12 is daytime and 13-24 is nighttime. Yet another toy, „Vlajky štátov“ (Flag States), is composed of geometric shapes which fit together to produce a large picture, like a puzzle. The packaging includes pieces which allow the player to put together most of the flags of the world.



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