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Two of Eight: Ceramics and Photography

Mária Hriešik Nepšinská

ÚĽUV Design Studio, throughout October and November of this year, has represented two study courses of Bratislava's Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts: Ceramic Design and Utilized Photography. The Department of Applied Photography and Department of Ceramic Design are regarded as two of the oldest departments of the school. Both represented themselves during exhibition by presenting their best student works from the last term which demonstrated the current concept of teaching at the school.
The Department of Applied Photography presented a wide range of works based on curriculum from primary photographic sectors – studio photography, working with models, portrait work, reportage, documentary photography as well as the results of exercises focusing on photographic design and animated filmmaking.
Department of Ceramic design primarily focused on sharing of information about ceramic materials and their technical, artistic, and manual method of processing. The pupils develop individualistic creative thinking through the exploration of micro and macro worlds of natural elements, plants and animals, or the anatomy of the human body. Ceramic material is processed in several different technical ways, such as by hand, throwing (using pottery wheel), casting into plaster molds, or a combination thereof. By the end of tuition, students are carefully led to their artistic autonomy.



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