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The Allure of Stoneware Gardens

Bohuslava Konušová

In the mining and minting town Kremnica have, over the 19th century, developed several industries utilizing local raw materials. An important player among them was a very interesting factory which produced stoneware. Exactly this type of pottery was exhibited long term under the title Charm of Stoneware Gardens by the National Bank of Slovakia – Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica.
The factory produced both utility and decorative items to match the needs of fashion during particular time of production. The pieces were desired in markets far beyond the borders of Slovakia. The range of products was gradually extended, decorated with multicolored and golden plated figures, plants, zoomorphic, or geometric decor.
The exhibition provides interested parties with knowledge of the history of Kremnica Stoneware and also briefly introduces the production process and range of products. The presentation of the stoneware is not in traditional form; the coordinator of the exhibit did not use glass display cases which are typically used to protect fragile articles from the hands of visitors. Instead, he worked together with a tinker (man who works with wire) to fasten each piece by braided wire to a pad which was a unit of the iron wall construction. The exhibition will run till 2015, during which time not only the cultural community of Kremnica will be able to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the special factory.



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