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New York, New York...

Viera Kleinová

Dynamics, variety, and inspiration – these are just some characteristics that New York and its art scene evoke. Czech jeweler with Slovak training Radka Kovačíková, who loves to break limits of traditional pieces, has been living in New York for a couple of years now. She studied in the Studio of Metal and Jewels in VŠVU in Bratislava. In the beginning of December she will have, in Prague, the premier of exhibit Pick Your Pick. It will be about her developed forms of actual theme – toothpicks as jewelry. The jewelry of Kovačíková inspires thinking 'outside the box'. Personal Happiness Exchange is requests from clients who desire something more from their jewelry, other than what can be found in stores; they cannot be afraid of surprises. Kovačíková herself is not afraid of gold (and other classic materials such as precious stones and pearls) and is using it in surprising often provocative context with the idea to keep exploring its potential in jewelry design.



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