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Master Class Ceramics in Ireland

Eva Ševčíková

August's Master Class Ceramics was the third installment of a series of workshops belonging to the international workshop project DREAM (Design Research Europe Arts and Crafts), implemented as a part of the Lifelong Learning Program of Leonardo da Vinci. The host was the Irish partner of the project – Craft Council of Ireland, who provided participants with a pleasant school atmosphere at their Ceramics Skills and Design School in Thomastown.
The lecturers were ceramist Gus Mabelson and Geoffrey Healy as well as three students currently attending ongoing pottery classes – Bernadetta, Joanna, and Karen. Workshop participants were young ceramists, artists, designers, and participants of other professions that seek to utilize the potential of ceramic craft, coming from Spain, France, and Slovakia.
Sampling of various techniques of production and decorating of ceramics were in a regular schedule alternating with subsequent practical part where participants could try their hands in each given technique. Gradually the "students" gained in confidence through orientation in the inner workings of the school and equipment and worked in groups or individually, in many places the premises had to offer.



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