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Martin Bu – News from Recycling Lab

Viera Kleinová

During the summer, ceramic and porcelain designer Martin Bu had an exhibition in the Nova Gallery. Works that could be seen were the physical outcomes of his doctoral thesis at the Department of VŠVU (Design Academy of Fine Arts). Martin Bu doesn't dodge the use of material other than ceramics and his approach to art is very open and receptive though his ceramics mainly draw public attention. In his designer's position, since the beginning of his work, Bu has been conjuring up objects with different cultural references and material shifts, drawing inspiration from traces of the history of ceramics and their subsequent design. He was introduced to ceramics early, from elementary school, gradually developing his approach through middle and high school until he graduated from VŠVU of Bratislava where he participated in numerous studies abroad.
Martin Bu is currently working on various projects, from product design to graphic design to website creation. He is also preparing a collection of interior ceramic lighting. Alongside this, he is conceptualizing commercial products as well as loose objects.
Most frequently he works with stoneware and porcelain but also with wood; he isn't against experimenting with new material and technology.



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