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Ceramics: A Lesson for a Lifetime

Eva Ševčíková

Juraj Maco was trained in Modra Majolica. Later, he worked in the ceramic studios of Fine Arts Fund, where he came in contact with contemporary ceramic art. It influenced him onto a different path within his own creations. His desire, however, was to work from home and so in the 1985 he began to work and collaborate with ÚĽUV; creating Gemer (region of Slovakia) ceramics. The signature products' clean shapes, colors, materials, and craftsmanship both fascinated and captivated Maco. The artwork suited his personal feelings and attitude towards pottery and thus he found his permanent source of inspiration. Maco devotes his spare time to pottery to this day. His intention is not to recreate, though his art may show similarity in shapes in patterns, but to further develop signature concepts and to push its limits of design. His range of work also varies with customer requests. With his pottery, Maco travels to several fairs – not only in Slovakia – but also abroad. Part of his relationship with the craft is the spreading of his knowledge and experience to interested persons who want to learn to create their own pottery, through courses given to the public. By doing so Juraj Maco demonstrates one of the many paths to be taken to pass on craftsmanship to those who are truly interested in it.



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