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Metamorphoses of Wire ´13

Katarína Hallonová

The exhibition Metamorphoses of Wire ´13 (the 28th of June – the 5th of August 2013) is a part of a long-term project which uncovers the artistic possibilities of wire while linking them with wire working traditions of North Western Slovakia. The project is realised by Museum of Považie Region in Žilina. In the context of exhibitions in Slovakia, the project is exceptional due to its thematic focus and generous concept. It symbolically erases borderlines between crafts and art and creates a confrontational while at the same time inspirational platform for a mutual dialogue of broad and varied spectrum of authors. It supports and promotes traditional handmade wirework and offers information about its utilisation in various artistic fields.
The exhibit which was an accompanying event of the Festival of Wirework introduced the works of more than 70 authors from Slovakia and Bohemia. Very well represented was also the club of wireworkers Džarek affiliated with ÚĽUV which in 2013 celebrated the 10th anniversary of its establishment.





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