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Free as a Bird

Pavel Habáň

Ladislav Jurovatý Jr. is a significant representative of artistic wire working in Slovakia. He is a trained jeweller and later also worked as a Slovak language and fine arts teacher. In professional circles he is considered to be an outstanding expert on wire working techniques and he constantly keeps pushing his artistic expression far beyond the borderline of craft towards his individual artistic statement.
One of his works will become a part of the collection of the Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts. It is a large-scale bird cage with its “inhabitants” made in 2003. It is an almost two meters high symbolic bird cage with a round base inhabited by six wire birds hung freely above each other. A realistically rendered parrot, skylark, woodpecker, tit or blackbird are dominated by a legend of the South American rain forest – quetzal. The motive of a bird cage housing both “ordinary” and “exotic” birds is interesting from the perspective of its original idea.





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