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Dana Fagová

The project DREAM continues in its plan for the year 2013. Its next activity was “The Wood Master Class” – a creative get-together of young designers and artisans selected by each international partner of the project. It took place in Slovakia in Ružomberok from the 1st of July until the 7th of July 2013. It was organised by ÚĽUV and it hosted 13 young authors from Europe – from Spain, Ireland and France. The main material to work with was wood which is in Slovakia as well as in other wooded countries undoubtedly the most preferred and utilised material and it has been used as a medium for expression from the ancient times until the present. Lecturers at the event were two Slovak designers and skilful artisans Tibor Uhrín and Michal Hanula.
The assignment of the workshop was to create a whole design of an object characterised as functional and playful for a concrete target group referring to the cultural heritage of homeland countries of the participants.





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