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Three blueprint swatches

Dana Fagová

Three swatch books of blueprint patterns, dated back to the late 19th century, are under the administration of the Museum of Folk Art Production in Stupava. Within the care of collections all objects received specialized treatment in the first three months of this year.

They consist of a few dozen sheets of paper fixed in simple book binding. Dark sheets are printed on both sides by tempera paints, individual patterns are numbered, the same numbers were also found in corresponding wooden molds. This allowed an easy pattern retrieval, while they originally served a dyer and his client as an overview of the patterns, which were available for printing in a workshop. Customers simply chose such patterns which were to their liking from the swatch book and had them printed.

The blueprint swatch books come from the Ján Mudrončík workshop († 1946, the last blueprinter in Ružomberok).


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