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Giving flowers is to share the beauty: Flowers for Slovakia

Michala Lipková, Katarína Trnovská

The project Flowers for Slovakia for the past three years has acquired a reputation as a stable platform which has been supporting, producing and presenting exceptional works of Art students. The idea of telling the story of Slovak culture through non-traditional media - contemporary design, was formed in the minds of Lars Kemper and Peter Olah in 2009. The pair of established designers decided to "give a present" talented students their own professional experience and contacts to create unique designer originals. They should also be a gift for Slovakia, which directly promote awareness of their own cultural identity. They have done this through the first glass collection titled Handle with care, which consists of 12 objects from 10-authors. The motives are taken from the Slovak legends and tales metaphorically depicted using traditional glass technology. The Slovak origin is present as both formal and ideological. The collection is presented as a travelling exhibition at the international design shows.

This year, Flowers for Slovakia initiates the establishment of the second collection titled Flowers for Vitra. As a result of summer workshops there will be a collection of furniture and interior accessories, reacting to the aesthetics of traditional furniture, ornament and poetics of the Middle Slovakia.





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