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Embroidery on a postcard or the mobile? Why not ...

Júlia Marcinová

As for the whole 20 century, as well as today there are various attempts to use and apply motives from traditional products to other, existing, in this sense, non-traditional subjects. This shift in the form of inspiration, innovation and applications, is manifested in the embroidery. Embroidery is in fact not only natural, extremely aesthetic part of garments and textiles, but plays an important role in folk art traditions as an identification tool for understanding the origin of the wearer. Today there are various art objects with a traditional embroidery in its transformed form. Extremely difficult area, not only in terms of artistic quality, is the production of souvenirs. This process can be viewed from different angles. On the one side there is a look at the different types of manufacturers - retailers such as trading and manufacturing company (Slovakiagift - a trademark owned by the Slovak company manufacturing and selling souvenirs with typical use of graphic processed traditional embroidery motifs from almost all regions of Slovakia); small businesses (Ada.etno.art - creation by Andrea Šuleková, focused on clothing accessories, home textiles and other complementary goods), or attractive tourist village (folk art Čičmany - souvenir shop where, in addition to parts of the traditional dress mainly folk art products and souvenirs, characterized by the use of traditional motifs and embroidery paintings typical of Čičmany architecture, are sold). The three types of entities share the same focus, but their inspirational sources i.e. those used for designing of their products (or when ordering products), can be distinguished into three different levels - the national, regional and local one.





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