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Two of eight

by Viera Kleinová

ÚĽUV Design Studio intends to present, in phases, all departments at the oldest art school in Slovakia – the J. Vydra Secondary School of Applied Arts Bratislava. In the first phase, departments of manual processing of textile materials and sculpture and stone-carving were introduced. The exhibition presents what the students have recently made – from small items (jewellery) to impressive textile sets or outdoor stone works (reproduced in photography). Textile department is headed by Anna Bohatová with the support of teachers Iveta Miháliková, Ildikó Dobešová and Eva Klepáčová. Students of the department learn about the craft and how to do it and then how to use the craft in design. Students learn about many traditional textile techniques such as embroidery and lace making, manual tapestry weaving, tie-dying, paint-decorating on textile, knitting and crocheting, designing and modelling clothes. They also learn to work with non-textile materials such as plastic, paper, wire or metal.
Department of sculpture and stone-carving is headed by Roman Hrčka and supported by teachers Jozef Hrvoľ and Jozef Hrbáček. Some works presented at the exhibition were made under the supervision of Viktor Oravec. The curriculum at this department comprises of reproduction sculpturing techniques as well as other types of art/design work such as making coins, plaquets, medals and jewellery. Students at the both departments regularly attend competitions for students or professionals, exhibitions, workshops and other design, craft and art events in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They have been awarded for their work many times at such events.





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