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by the editorial office

In March 2013, the Gallery 19 housed the exhibition of Czech glass artist and sculturer Václav Cigler for whom the exhibition was the return to Bratislava after many years.
As the artist having been devoted to glass since the 1950s, Cigler uses space as the dominating element in his work. He studies the relations between place and person and notices intersections as a result of such discoveries. Cigler´s sense of communication with space and his confident creative opinion are fully described in the installation of the exhibition. The installation represents a minor explanation of his world. However, it is a smart and impressive extract of his creative principles. Light Line indicates uncertainty and expectations and leads a visitor up the stairs into the central space. Lumpy water – regularly disturbed water surface – is very emotional, pacifying and exciting. Light cube is the central object of the installation. Some photographs refer to other Cigler´s artworks such as a mirror in the Grand Canal in Venice.





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