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Ľubomír Párička and his link to folk tradition

by Karol Kočík

Master Ľubomír Párička (born 25 March 1954, Jahodníky near Martin) is a respected folk artist, an expert on Slovak rural traditions, a skilled maker of folk musical instruments, a pastoral earophones player and a craftsman making sheep shepherds related items. He has been captivated by the physical and spiritual nature of the Slovak folk culture. His fascination by actual demonstrations of folk culture remaining unchanged, Párička has started to make pastoral wind instruments. He has been given an opportunity to meet excellent players and makers of fujara and pipes as well as bagpipe master players and to learn from them. Párička produces folk musical instruments with the purpose to preserve their original sounds as accurately as possible. In addition to making musical instruments, he also is an active maker of belts, embroidered fur coats, coats, pouches and whips for shepherds, various decorated straps, brass clips and chains for hats from Detva region. Párička makes various items from wood such as jugs, shepherd’s crooks, carved pistons, figures and carved wooden items. He is an active player on folk musical instruments and has mastered the traditional techniques of playing. Ľubomír Párička has been many times awarded for his skills as a craftsman and maker as well as for being an excellent musician.





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