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Hemp nostalgia

by Ingrid Abrahamfyová

Folk clothing has changed over time and the traditional forms of it have inspired and will inspire contemporary textile making. Open for public from 21 February 2013 and installed in the premises of the Old Town Hall of the Bratislava City Museum, the exhibition’s aim is to link old and new and to present the continuity of history in the field of clothing and ordinary textile items. The exhibition is divided into three parts. The ethnological part presents 100- to 150-year old folk costume accessories, table linen and ceremonial sheets from the region of Bratislava. Part two offers a brief presentation of the work of ÚĽUV master Božena Adamicová who has worked with hemp for years. The clothes and interior accessories decorated with the traditional folk embroidery from the region of Moravské Lieskové she has made are the proof that traditional may become contemporary and fit the needs of current people. Third part refers to the work of contemporary authors, describing how our tradition has influenced what they do. Exhibition authors Katarína Nádaská and Ingrid Abrahamfyová have involved students at the textile department of the Jozef Vydra Secondary school of applied arts, the authors representing the younger and older generation, renowned authors with laces in silver and photo-printed embroideries or small collages and aplique or headbands in its latest forms in the exhibition. All artworks have one thing in common – they continue in the typical aspect of the Slovak folk costume which is baladic and lyric character of even the items of daily use.





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