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The European Prize for Applied Arts 2012

The results of the international triennial European Prize for Applied Arts were presented from 14 July until 09 September 2012 in Mons, Belgium. Registered artworks were required to work with the relation between crafts and applied arts. It is typical for contemporary applied arts to cross borders defined for materials such as textile, ceramics, glass, wood, paper and metal as well as to apply design criteria and employ modern technologies. Contemporary objects demonstrate variety of forms and creative opinions, however, they do not lack what has been typical for crafts and art – creative individuality of artists and craftsmanship. Two young Slovak ceramicists attended the competition last year. Premiering as an author at the Design forum Nitra 2012, Pavol Bradovka from the town of Kremica participated at this year of the competition. Bradovka is a craftsman in the best meaning of the word – he employs unique method of wood processing, he is creative, skilled and motivated. Jean Louis Hurlin was awarded the Masters Prize for a metal bowl made using the Damascus steel technique. Young jewellery maker Flóra Vági received the Young talent prize. Bruno Romanelli was awarded the third prize – Special commendation of the jury – for the glass sculpture “uncovering the inner form“.





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