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Tatiana Warenichová: Paper, colours, fairy-tales and drawings...

by Mária Nepšinská

Young Slovak visual artist Tatiana Warenichová studied jewellery design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Paper and the magic world of fairy-tales are typical aspects of Tatiana´s work. As a student, she was part of a team designing silver jewellery for visually impaired people. The work resulted in a ring allowing variable wearing positions, assembling various compositions and the ring sometimes clinks. Tatiana participated in the 13th HRD Awards, the International Diamond Competition in Antwerp with a diadem inspired by Slovak folk fairy-tale Roe kid. As part of the jewellery for a specific person project, she has designed a big cube ring using an author-specific technique of paper layering. As her bachelor project, Tatiana cut paper cubes from a book the pages of which were glued together and she painted pictures on the cubes. Her master-of-fine-arts project Fairy Teller helped her to be shortlisted by prestigious Marzee Gallery which presents the top graduation projects of students from around Europe. She came with unglued newspaper layers she transformed into a collection of brooches. She has hand-sewed paper layers together using threads of various colours. Fairy-tale motives produce an interesting 3D effect and there is a picture referring to the story cut into wood on a brooch´s back side. After graduation, T. Warenichová has returned home and will open an atelier of her own soon.





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