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“Drumbľa”, a humble and proud musical instrument... by Peter Sobota

by Eva Trilecová

Peter Sobota is one of the most sought-after drumbľa makers in the western Slovakia. He has been engaged in this craft for 25 years. Sobota creates various shapes of this musical instrument. He has redirected his attention from traditional shapes to the items of specific design, combining hard wood and metal. A little horse, bird or tree carved from wood form a functional body of a musical instrument. Peter Sobota offers untuned drumbľa as well as “drumbľa” tuned C, D, E, F. His two-sided “drumbľa” are specific for two keys available. Peter Sobota also invented various shapes of this folk instrument – he has designed 42 patterns so far. He has contributed to the popularisation of “drumbľa” playing among adults and children by organising courses of playing “drumbľa”. In addition, Peter Sobota makes nativity scenes from wood, three-string violins, one-string violins for children from spoons, pipes and other musical instruments for children and adults.





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