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Clay fest – The ceramic Modra

by Agáta Petrakovičová

Pottery and faience ware making form a significant period in the history of Modra (potters in Modra had an active guild as soon as in the 17th century). Organised for the first time in 2009, the event´s objective is promoting and reviving Modra ceramics traditions. The fest is divided into two parts – professional and popular. Experts in the field of ethnology, museology and ceramics may attend a topic-specific seminar. Visitors can enjoy variety of events (including the presentation of forgotten pottery traditions) such as exhibitions, ceramic market, creative ceramic workshops, folk games, musical and drama program, local culinary specialties, theatrical dramatization of pottery apprentices’ initiation ceremony and stylised pottery parade. Clay fest is held every first weekend in September. This year, traditional pottery and kitchen ware was announced as the main topic.





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