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Porcelain June in Pezinok

by Eva Trilecová

Several exhibitions offering new approach to ceramics, stoneware, porous clay and porcelain were open during the Ceramic Market in Pezinok (08 June – 10 June 2012). The purpose was to introduce the latest works from the private workshops of young generation of designers to the public and compare them with ceramic products from craftsmen. Veronika Selingerová focuses on the technology of casting porcelain ino plaster forms and makes interior objects which may be both free style art or applied art. Martin Bu works with the exhibition halls as it was an ordinary room. He arranged items with sense of humour, or even irony and produced stories and unique installations. Daniel Lichard came with the collection of various types of cups, containers and object burnt using the raku technique. Visitors to the Ceramic Market may have visited the exhibitions displaying items from two years of ceramic symposium The Gemer Phenomenon 2009, 2011 about land art which were organised in the territory of ceramic clays fields.





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