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Juraj Opršal: Pseudonym?

by Viera Kleinová

Juraj Opršal is the visual artist who is recognised particularly in the field of art glass and as a member of Cigler´s glass school. As a graduate at the goldsmithing and silversmithing department of the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Kremnica, he has remained faithful to jewellery design. However, he has engaged himself in other types of projects – for example, he is a co-organiser of travelling symposiums around Slovak water-mills. Recently, he has started to design handbags. Similarly to his glass work, he combines geometric shapes such as cylinders, spheres, cones, squares into dynamic and surprising objects. His handbags remind of, to say it a bit pathetically, boxes for secrets. To make them real, Juraj has invited Zuzana Polačková for the cooperation on the insides of handbags. He designs outside part of the handbags and comes with inspirations for the overall image of a handbag. Besides, Juraj Opršal has currently prepared exhibition of his glass works in the Netherlands.





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