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Denamit Design Days 2012

by Mária Nepšinská

Denamit Design Days is an annual project organised by Denamit - a group of people organising exhibitions, presentations, lectures and discussion related to design, applied art and how they overlap with free style art and society. This year, DDD presented one topic, namely “Design for society, society for design”. The DDD conference was a dominating event of the project. Leo van Loon (Creative Factory) from the Netherlands and his lecture was the main highlight. He presented new trends for entrepreneurs and the ECBN/European Creative Business Network. The conference program included a discussion about design and institutions which involved the forms of support for design in Slovakia, opportunities for integration of a designer into the working cycle, trends and strategy of management of institutions.

In May 2012, several exhibitions (an exhibition of ceramics studios of the J.E.Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem (CZ) and the AFAD in Bratislava (SK), an exhibition/presentation and communication of contemporary Slovak design through photography, products from ALLT design studio, installations by S. Janišová, product design by Mejd studio and ceramic products by L. Viková and M. Bu) and fashion exhibition Krava/Cow by Puojd brand for spring/summer 2012 were organised during the Denamit Design Days in Bratislava. Who cares/contemporary free style jewellery exhibition presented trends in the contemporary Slovak (or Czech) jewellery design that is part of the cultural movement within design and visual art. The exhibition provoked visitors to contemplate over the mission of this medium in today´s society. The question is how such designers will work in real life.





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