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Playgrounds by Michal Hanula

by Peter Šugár

01 The playground at the premises of Kozí Vŕšok designed by Michal Hanula Michal Hanula has won recognition as a designer concerned about tradition, traditional techniques and materials. He produces items predominantly using a wet-wood turning technique. Design and construction of playgrounds for children is the second most important part of his work. What he learnt when studying designing of toys and decorative items at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in the town of Kremnica has helped him to design such playgrounds. His students at the same department of the Secondary School of Applied Arts in the town of Ružomberok help him in producing them. He respects culture and tradition of a specific region, gets inspiration from the folk culture and prefers traditional materials such as wood, metal, textile and leather. Individual items of the playgrounds refer to brain teasers or educational toys. A child has to use his/her physical power and brain to play with such items. When a goal has been achieved, a child hears a bell or a part of item moves or an interesting picture is formed. Visual part introduces the playground at the premises of Kozí Vŕšok near Ivachnová. It is a highway rest
area including a fuel station and a facility for making and sale of milk products.






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