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Glass miniatures

by Irena Pišútová

05 Glass miniatures, height 6 – 12 cm The author presents a collection of 70+ glass miniatures from a private collection. They are hollow glass products made by blowing and from sodium potassic pure or green glass. Several pieces are from glass of other colours. Biedermeier-style miniatures from the 1830s represent the oldest pieces of the collection. The newest pieces are from the interwar period. Few items of the collection are of Czech origin, majority of them were made at the territory of Slovakia. They may have been produced in major glassworks of Katarínska Huta, Uhrovec, Lednické Rovne or in some of glassworks in the Gemer region. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the exact origin of the items. Glass-blowers made these small items just for fun and to test their skills of making perfect imitations of real products. They may have been toys for children, but we may believe that they served as small advertising pieces, perfect miniature imitations of real items.






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