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13th Studies from Wood competition

by Mária Rošková

06 Electric guitar violoncello Giutar Cello by Tomáš Brichta The panel of judges met at the premises of the competition announcer, the Forrest and Wood Museum in Zvolen and selected the best items from the works registered for the 13th year of the Studies from Wood competition. Organisers announced a utility item and jewellery as the topic of the competition. 69 competitors with 336 items registered for the competition. Only 30 products from 3 competitors registered for the category of serial production. Category of originals, prototypes and models had 66 authors and 306 competition entries. The jury awarded one third prize in the category of serial production, namely to Igor Toder from Michalovce for his wood trays made by the chiselling technique. First prize in the category of originals was awarded to the electric guitar violoncello Giutar Cello by Tomáš Brichta from Bratislava. First prize was also awarded to the Misy/Bowls collection by Miroslav Lacko from Kysucké Nové Mesto. Students at the J. Vydra Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava were awarded the Mayor of Zvolen prize, the prize of the Union of wood processors and the Yudiny Publishing House prize.






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