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Traditional toy

by Miroslav Žabenský

06 The toy made by Miloslav Jaroš from Žilina In 2011, Regional cultural centres in Bielsko-Biala (Poland) and Dolný Kubín (Slovakia) organised the 9th international competition biennial Traditional toy. Heroes from fairy tales, myths and legends were announced as the main topic of the competition. 332 adults and children from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia registered their works for the competition. Total of 652 toys were registered. Minority of registered works reflected the topic – heroes of poems, fairy tales and legends – of the competition. Following categories were announced – adults, children, traditional folk toy, toy reflecting the world of fairy tales, myths and legends and contemporary toy. The panel of judges awarded all first prizes available in the category of adults to the competitors from Slovakia (Miloslav Jaroš, Viera Farská, Blažena Kriváková).






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