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They have passed through a needle’s eye

by Petra Feriancová Baldovičová

Ľubomíra Abrahámová and Dana Fagová are the students of textile department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. An exhibition organised by the P. M. Bohúň Liptov Gallery in the town of Liptovský Mikuláš has originated in the prizes both artists were awarded at international competition Textile Triennial 2009 (Dana Fagová – the LGPMB award for overcoming boundaries among various media, Ľubomíra Abrahámová – the award for the best student work bearing in mind its innovative character.)
10 The project by Ľubomíra Abrahámová There is nothing like old flame (2010) Up to now, Ľubomíra Abrahámová has focused her creative activities on traditions and Slovak folk culture. Aesthetic surgery (2009) is an artwork that combines traditional craft and bizarre material – rawhide and a surgical suture thread. Her bachelor’s project Stará láska nehrdzavie/There is nothing like old flame (2010) that won her invitation to the Talents in Munich gets inspiration from the folk clothes in the region of Trnava. She made an impressive relief composition. She used a wired fabric which she let to rust to describe the relation between time and tradition. Her older work Generations (2007) depicts, through embroidery, three females, three generations and different values they have throughout different phases of our lives. This artwork works as an evidence that textile can carry contemporary messages. One of her latest artworks – Prostovlasý/Bareheaded (2011) – is an intimate commentary on the most conservative part of folk clothes – a bonnet, a transparent chiffon pattern which is embroidered using human hair.
Free style work of Dana Fagová covers everything from surface to space. Her bachelor’s project Ako vyšité / As if embroidered (2010) represents a unique effort to transform traditional techniques of old painters into textile craft. Her objective is overstepping boundaries and developing new opportunities for textile medium. S kožou na trh / Put skin above parapet (2009) is her project in which skin is an organ, or metaphorically, our clothes we wear under all other clothes that separates us from and connect us to the surrounding world and is a carrier of various existential contents. Skin describes how different and how alike we all are.






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