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Soňa Belokostolská
Batik Easter eggs master

by Anna Chlupová

03 Batig Easter eggs made by Soňa Belokostolská Batik process is one of the oldest and most popular techniques of Easter eggs decorating in Slovakia. Master of folk art production Štefánia Dudáková of the village of Domaniža was a long-time expert decorator of Eater eggs using a stylus for batik making. When she had died, Easter eggs from Domaniža disappeared from the ÚĽUV shops. Later, Soňa Belokostolská from the town of Považská Bystrica revived this difficult technique and patterns from Domaniža and presented what she had made at the all-Slovak Easter eggs decorating exhibition in 2009. She participated in the courses lectured by Š. Dudáková to learn the whole range of ornamental patterns in 1992 and 1993. In 1994, art education teacher Soňa Belokostolská included Easter eggs decorating into the curriculum. She has remained a lecturer of this and other traditional techniques. Soňa Belokostolská was awarded the master of folk art production technique title for the quality of her products in 2011.






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