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Sit, Lay, Play...

11 Sitting items with variable and relaxing elements designed by Zuzana Šišovská.It is the title of the first exhibition of Zuzana Šišovská after the graduation from textile design studio of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2011 in the Design Studio ÚĽUV. The exhibition combines all her best projects she produced at the academy and which were displayed at several exhibitions organised by the textile design studio and for which the author was awarded. First prize in Professor Jindřich Halabala 2011 Awards in the furniture design category is one of the latest prizes she has been awarded with. Sitting upholstered items with variable and relaxing elements dominate the exhibition. Sit, lay, play – these are the positions a human body may adopt to feel comfortable, nice and fine. For designing, Zuzana uses organic forms, soft and ergonomic lines. Perfect execution of her designs up to tiny details and selection of contemporary materials are an evidence that she is a conceptual mind. 






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