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Lace-making journey

by Anna Kolkusová

05 Four pillows with laces made at the Lace-making journey Lace-making journey was a project the objective of which had been to outline traditional and current bobbin lace making and clubs at the territory of Slovakia. Lace-making journey was, as a matter of fact, a journey of a lace pillow around Slovakia on which members of individual bobbin-lace clubs added their laces. A chronicle accompanied the pillow on its journey. Each club or an individual added a page to this chronicle which has produced a collection of information about existing clubs. Lace-making clubs made the handing-over of the pillow a ceremonial event. Originally, the Lace-making journey was one year project (2008/2009). However, other clubs had decided to join the project, therefore the journey was prolonged until 2010. Four pillows were used for the Lace-making journey: west, south, central and east. As much as 32 clubs and two individuals, 415 persons in total with 593 lace parts contributed to the project. They made 51,02 m long lace.
Lace-making journey 2010/2011 – The architecture of Slovakia in bobbin-lace was not as popular project as the first one. Eleven clubs participated in it. Third project – Lace-making in a border region – focuses on the Liptov region bobbin lace. The project is co-financed by the EU, particularly by the European Fund of Regional Development – Cross-border cooperation program Poland – Slovakia for 2007 - 2013.






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