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Júlia Vlčková
Innovative Easter egg-decorator

by Anna Chlupová

04 Easter eggs decorated by scratching made by Júlia Vlčková A single-colour, mainly dark background of an egg and whitish ornament reminding of a piece of engraving are used to make Easter eggs decorated by scratching with a sharp object. In past, a file, razor, razor blade, thicker needle, scratch awl or an edge of a knife were used. Júlia Vlčková showcased, at the ÚĽUV Days of Masters in 2001, Easter eggs decorating using an electric grinding machine. Her innovative Easter eggs have specific grinder-made ornaments and wide scale of toned motives.
Her grand-mother used to decorate Easter eggs by scratching. Her father, a glass cutter in the glassworks in Lednické Rovne taught the daughter how to work with a grinder and how to decorate glass items. However, she did not like such work. But she used grinding skills to make patterns on a coloured egg. Later, she let her work to be assessed by the ÚĽUV and has started to collaborate with the organisation as a producer. In the later stage of her creative career, Júlia Vlčková has designed new animal patterns. Later, she has added figurative patterns. Júlia Vlčková was awarded the master of folk art production title for Easter eggs decorating in 2011.






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