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Slovakia in Bratislava – Days of ÚĽUV Masters 2011

Smith Ľubomír Karenovič from BratislavaThe ÚĽUV organised an event popular before as the Days of ÚĽUV Masters for the 21st time this year. The event, before a live presentation of work and products from hands of a group of masters – craftsmen, has grown into a national festival which has been now renamed to refer to the growing size of it, namely Slovakia in Bratislava. The event has been, since its very beginning, organised as the presentation of makers and craftsmen. In 2011, 94 producers presented 37 types of traditional productions and crafts and 70 lace makers from all over Slovakia presented various regional types of bobbin lace. Woodcarving, Easter-eggs decorating, basket making, loom weaving, tinkery and musical instruments making, pottery and gingerbread decorating were the most presented crafts at the event. The ÚĽUV School of Crafts had 11 activities for children in creative workshops. Visitors may contributed to the regional traditions by decorating their clothes by, for example, a ribbon, string, vest, buckle or by wearing a part of traditional costume.






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