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Keksy design

by Tibor Uhrín

Pavol Capik: Stools “Parasites”, 2010KEKS Design/creative lab is a group of young designers active for two years in the city of Košice. Fifteen members of the group are former students of the design department at the Arts Faculty of the Technical University in Košice. They have established the group to promote design as part of cultural and social life in Košice. Besides, Košice will be the cultural capital of Europe in 2013 and members of Keks design plan to incorporate design into the activities planned for that year.
KE is the abbreviation for the city of Košice and KS for the rural part of Košice – the abbreviations form the name of the group and refer to the geographical location within which the designers are active. Members of the group do product, industrial, interior and graphic design as well as educational projects and design promotion. Works of many members of Keks Design are regularly presented at exhibitions, displays and design events in Slovakia and abroad. Some of them have been awarded at Slovak and international design competitions. Half of the members presented their works in the Design studio ÚĽUV this summer. The pieces they presented at the exhibition are their work as students. Now, they, namely Jana Nováková, Silvia Bárdová, Martin Jankura, Pavol Capik, Miroslava Gromovská, Marián Košara, Patrik Bujňák, are the graduates of the university.






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