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Humenné Naïve Open-air Workshop 2011 as I see it

by Martin Mešša

Woodcarvers and their work at Humenné workshop The seventh International Naïve Art Open-air Workshop 2011 was organised in the mid July 2011 in an eastern Slovakia town of Humenné. Eight woodcarvers from Slovakia and Hungary and five painters from Slovakia and Ukraine participated in the event. An exhibition of paintings, embroideries and calligraphic art of naïve artist Rosen Rašev-Rošpak from Bulgaria who had participated in the last year´s event was part of the workshop.
The task woodcarvers were assigned was to make a life-size nativity scene to be used in the tow of Humenné. Woodcarvers carved tall figures from poplar blocks that were installed into some form of folding picture book. Participating painters were not assigned any specific task. However, they were influenced by the atmosphere produced by sculptors and the nativity scene.






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