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František Špička, the clay master

by Nora Čechmánková

Traditional Beluj jar made by F. Špička, 2011After graduating from a grammar school, František Špička (1949) worked in the Archaeology Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science and as a restorer. He was also a part-time undergraduate student of arts history. Although he had not completed the undergraduate course, he came to the town of Nová Baňa to work as a restorer. Pottery master Ján Schnier was his teacher of how to make ceramic products. F. Špička started to make traditional products from the regions of Nová Baňa, Brehy and Pukanec such as milk jars, pots, jugs, plates or bowls in the 1980s. Master Schnier was his inspiration as far as patterns. ÚĽUV visual artist Eva Kramplová made first designs for him. Recently, he has been involved in more sophisticated techniques of pottery products decoration traditionally used in the village of Beluj. The techniques involve very special plant-like engraved design; it takes half to one day to make one traditional Beluj jar. František Špička and his sons had a business of clay distribution and sale for some time, they prepared tons of clay.
F. Špička is also active as a lecturer. He was a ceramics making lecturer in the ÚĽUV School of Crafts in Banská Bystrica and was involved in the revival of traditional pottery making in the village of Hybe. František Špička was awarded the master of folk art production title in 2010.






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