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By water

by Viera Kleinová
Tibor Uhrín: CanapesCouple of years ago, the First May Association organised a summer symposium at a charming place that influenced activities that came later. We found an old water mill on the Žitava River in summer 2006. It was no longer a mill producing flour, but water, energy and atmosphere have remained unchanged. We decided to revive similar places which once had been busy and vibrant crossroads, that had have their owners and residents and in which water had been an important route bringing food, people and news. It was one of the reasons why we have called our symposiums after the owners of mills. After Mašek´s Mill at the Žitava River, we have organised symposiums at Small Danube, Jelka, Tomášov, Kolárov and, this year´s Cséfalvay´s Mill in Dunajský Klatov. Painters, sculptors, designers and photographers have participated in this project under one condition – to come with an artwork, installation or photography somehow related to water and the venue.






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