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Wedding cakes from the town of Skalica / Mária Zajíčková

Wedding cake from Skalica, 2009As late as in the second half of the 19th century, urban environment of the town of Skalica was captivated by the Biedermeier style from Vienna. The style influenced what brides were wearing and how ceremonial or wedding reception venues were decorated. Tall cakes from Skalica became an inseparable part of the style. Few untrained but gifted and manually skilled women – pastry cooks – knew the cooking and decoration technology. They baked individual layers which they stuck together to form three-side pyramids which they put one on another from the largest one (30 x 30 cm) to the smallest one, up to the height of 100 – 120 cm. They decorated the cake with a white and coloured snow grid reminding crocheting and added small artificial roses. The cake was mostly white with tiny colourful details (light blue, pink or yellow) which harmonised with the colours of flower garland, bonnet and clothes the bride and bridesmaids were wearing. Local pastry makers taught their followers the technique of making and decorating the Skalica wedding cakes in person. Therefore, this knowledge and skill has become a local tradition. Now, the Skalica cakes have become popular again and they have been a regular display at local social events.






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