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The reverse and the front side / Silvia Fedorová

EÚ of Mária Hromadová (SK)The reverse and the front side was the name of the topic of the 13th international textile miniatures competition. 98 authors from 17 countries registered for the competition. The competition was opened also for the undergraduate students of art. The panel of judges shortlisted artworks of 39 professional artists and 16 students to be displayed at the competition. In addition to the Slovak and Czech artists, many visual artists from Finland and Norway registered for the competition. Artists from France, Israel, Qatar, Poland, Switzerland and Sweden registered for the competition for the first time.

The topic that was announced for this year provoked many types of creative expression. Students came with funny and fresh ideas and directness. Professional artists are not so direct, but original expression and sophisticated technical appearance of their artworks speak about uniqueness of the authors. Participants of previous years of the competition presented their individual exhibitions. Blanka Šperková came with the collection of hanging wire universe-inspired objects. Mária Hromadová combined several installations into the exhibition. Student Ľubomíra Abrahámová presented the metal and wire installation that had been awarded at the arts and crafts fair this May in Munich. Japan artist and jury prize winner at the 11th miniature competition Yuka Kawai came with a very interesting installation.






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