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Step by step – discovering lost in time / Marta Bošelová, Pavol Rusko

15 “Transformation” of Matej Roba, 2011. Recorder tapes, bobbin lace technique The project Discovering lost in time – ethnography-related art and crafts of the regions of Liptov and Orava at the Faculty of Education of the Catholic University in Ružomberok started last year. The purpose of the project is discovering and achieving ethnographic artefacts and establishing a collection that would become a part of newly established Centre for ethnography and art (C – ET – ART).

In addition to other activities, the project encompasses creative workshops Links between tradition and present day which are organised by the Department of visual art at the Faculty of Education of the Catholic University. The activity initiates contact between people and folk art, environment, art techniques and inspirations. Lectured by doc. Pavol Rusko, Simplicity and beauty was a workshop that invited participants to involve traditional approaches, particularly blueprint, in contemporary art. Participants of Useful trade pays dividends (headed by akad. mal. Marta Bošelová) learnt textile-related skills such as spinning, weaving on a loom and working with a knitting machine.






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