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Sample books of the Skalica embroidery cooperative / Mária Zajíčková

Embroidery pattern from the bonnets from OsuskéThe Museum of Záhorie region keeps two sample books with embroidery patterns which were originally the property of the Cooperative for the commercialisation of home folk industry in the town of Skalica. Active between 1910 and 1946, the cooperative employed three designers who made designs for interior textiles, clothes and flags for various societies and corporations. Professional drawer and graduate of the secondary arts and crafts school Ela Bohatová-Mikulková has arranged designs into two books. She has also added original designs of renowned Slovak folk embroidery makers into the books. One of the books has 120 pages with 548 tempera or pencil drawings which describe embroidery patterns from 17 embroidery regions. The second books comprises of 139 patterns described at 153 pages using pencil drawing or board needling technique. The cooperative was supplying its designs to schools for the lessons of handwork for girls.






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