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Overlapping embroidery / Michal Stolárik

Pizza Man of Svetlana Fialová (SK)The purpose of the exhibition Overlapping embroidery / Needle thinking was introducing embroidery making as a technique that can fully compete with the contemporary art. Curators avoided selecting displays according to their value as craft work. They rather chose artworks to represent various types of creative opinion. To show various types of textile work, some items were quite abstract and had little to do with traditional embroidery. Vlasta Žilková and her monumental figurative picture and life-size textile plastic art are a perfect example of combination between traditional and contemporary approach. Mira Podmanická made an artwork in which she used embroidery as a drawing and cotton as a pencil. She carefully transfers her experiences into textile pictures. Artworks of Dutch visual artist Tilleke Schwarz represents an another example of “embroidered pictures“. Displays from Svetlana Fialová were very rare within the context of the exhibition. Her three-dimensional cotton drawings can be translated as a metaphor for embroidery. Miroslav Brooš, Silja Puranen and Inez Züst understand embroidery as conceptual art. In addition, miniatures and copies of rwal items by Patrícia Klöcklerová and wooden jewellery decorated by embroidery by Dutch artist Beppe Kessler were displayed at the exhibition. Marian Bijleng presented „human herbariums“ in which he replaced cotton with hair from members of his family. Serbian artist Snežana Skoko came with embroidery as part of action art at the exhibition.






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