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“Na pôjde PUOJD” / Eva Trilecová

The tie “Jožo”, design by Michaela Bednárová, 2011At the end of June, the Design Studio ÚĽUV closed the exhibition of Puojd-branded products that has been established by graduate (2007) of the AFAD´s textile design Michaela Bednárová. It was the first exhibition of the founder of the above brand which was introduced to the market in 2008. Bednárová is the only clothes designer in Slovakia that works with the Slovak coats of arms. She states that PUOJD is a non-political brand and claims that „she does not intend to degrade the importance of the coat of arms or promote extremist opinions. “People who can easily identify themselves with their nationality and who have no prejudice are the target group of the Puojd brand”, said M. Bednárová. Puojd offers top-standard materials, perfect elaboration and unique patterns. Each piece of work including manual silk-screen printing deviations is an original. The brand sells wide range of products – sweatshirts, T-shirts, aprons, trousers, bags, trainers, caps, underwear, clothing accessories (ties) and interior accessories (curtains, duvets and pillowcases).






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